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The "Knight´s Garden" offers splendid views of the Florentine hills for those who make the effort to hike to the top of this hill. The garden originally grew medicinal plants; after 1612 it was remodelled to host rare flowers, following a design by Giulio Parigi (who also designed the Amphitheater). The building, known as the "Casino del Cavaliere", also dates to 1612 and was originally used to house pots and vases. Later, Cardinal Leopold de'Medici used it as a place to meet with various scholars and scientists. It was also here where Cosimo III taught French to his son Giangastone, last of the Medici dynasty. Today it houses the Porcelain Museum. The garden as we see it today was laid out in 1792 by Giuseppe del Rosso. In May one can enjoy beautiful blooming roses here, of the varieties "Banksiae", "Bourbon", and "Tea".