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The "Vasca dell´Isola" ("Island Basin") contains at its center the magnificent "Isolotto", a small island full of citrus plants and roses, and rising above it all the "Fountain of the Ocean", executed in 1576 by Giambologna (also the creator of the Statue of Abundance). It was originally placed in the Amphitheater and re-located here in 1636. The Ocean statue itself is an early 20th century copy of the original, which now resides at the Bargello museum. The two statues in the foreground are by Giovan Francesco Susini and date to 1624. At left is, "Cupid Breaking A Heart With A Hammer", and at right, "Cupid Shoots An Arrow". They flank "Andromeda" who emerges from the water, restored by Giovan Battista Pieratti. There are many interesting statues to be seen, both large and small, here in the Basin, including some of the animal statues sculpted by Romolo Ferrucci del Tadda, creator of the Fountain of the Mostaccini.