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The "Palazzina" (´small palace´) is another of the renovations commenced by Peter Leopold of Habsburg-Lorraine, who reversed the decline of the Gardens in the 30 years previous to his reign (that is, after the death of Giangastone, last of the Medici). It was begun in 1776 according to plans of Niccoló Gaspero Paoletti, but was not finished until 1832 under the direction of the architect Pasquale Poccianti. It was intended to provide more comfortable accommodations than those available in the Pitti Palace. These apartments were used by Italy's royal Savoy family on their stays in Florence. Today it houses the Costume Museum, which exhibits clothing and accessories typical of Tuscany's ruling royals from the 18th to early 20th century. It also has the 16th century funeral garments of Grand-duke Cosimo I, his wife Eleonora of Toledo and their son Don Garzia.